About Me

“I hope to be an inspiration for anyone that feels like they are facing tough times or challenges in their life. I want to be the living proof that you can overcome the obstacle in life and be successful at anything you work hard for.”

~ Markie Williams

Markie Williams is a self-trained bodybuilder and bikini athlete. As a survivor of domestic violence and human trafficking, Markie’s goal is to shed light on these social injustices while being a source of hope and inspiration for other victims and survivors. She regularly advocates on behalf of domestic violence and human trafficking victims by promoting education and awareness through social media, lobbying at WA state legislation, volunteering at fundraising and 5k events and working directly with victims.

Markie is currently training for her first National NPC bikini competition. In her spare time she enjoys coaching other aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts, attending dog shows with her Black Russian Terrier, “Misha” and hanging out with her brothers and friends.

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