Hi! I’m Markie and most people know me as a champion bikini athlete or as an advocate for victims of abuse. Once a victim myself and now a survivor of domestic violence and human trafficking, it’s taken me a while to find my nitch, my “purpose” if you will, and actually I feel like I’ve yet to hit my stride. But for the past few years I’ve been on an incredible journey of healing and self discovery and in the process, I’ve created a personal brand that allows me to express my most authentic and true self, while encouraging others to do the same.    


In addition to bodybuilding competitions, I make it a priority to advocate for individuals who are struggling to overcome trauma from domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assualt or similar abuse. Since 2013 I have been actively involved with local and national nonprofits that aid victims of domestic violence and/or human trafficking. My mission is to offer continued support of these organizations, often by working directly with victims, and to always be a voice for victims of abuse by utilizing my social media platform to spread awareness and asking followers to get involved in advocacy efforts.


I have many future goals for myself both personally and professionally but one thing I have tried to do from the beginning of my journey is to be a source of hope for anyone who faces similar struggles and to be the living proof that there is life after abuse. I feel like I got a second chance at life but it has taken much time and strength to rebuild myself, mentally, physically and emotionally. Every day is a blessing, I live my life to the fullest now and I challenge myself with competitions, growing stronger through the process. Bodybuilding was the route I chose, it was how I reinvented myself, and now I hope my example can inspire and encourage others to overcome their past and to redefine their future through hard work, perseverance and focus on whatever path they choose. Life never happened the way I expected it would but that’s okay because the life story I’m writing now is better than I could ever have imagined…

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